Daily Mail criticises ‘DLA free for all’



The Mail has published an inaccurate and misleading story saying 1.6 million people receiving DLA ‘have never been asked for evidence to back their claims’.

This is very worrying as the Government is currently preparing legislation to abolish DLA. DA is working with partner organisations to challenge this kind of inaccurate reporting and hopes to secure coverage focusing on why DLA is used, what it helps disabled people achieve and the impact of removing some people from receiving support. The current Government plans could mean 823,000 people are cut from support by a new expensive medical test. The Government plans have increased potential costs to the NHS (through avoidable hospitalisation), councils (through growing residential care and housing needs) and the Treasury (from disabled people and carers forced to stop working).

1,350 people have provided us with their views on the Government plans at: www.disabilityalliance.org/dlatest.htm – add your views before 10th February please!

Daily Mail criticises ‘DLA free for all’ – Disability Alliance UK (United Kingdom)


2 Responses to “Daily Mail criticises ‘DLA free for all’”

  1. Alan Wheatley, Green Party Spokesperson on Social Security and Care Services Says:

    Of course, the Daily Mail would not report on how Employment & Support Allowance tribunal figures testify to the perils of unleashing Atos Healthcare ‘Approved Healthcare Practitioners’ on economically vulnerable adults.

    But then again, Disability Alliance did not do enough to highlight such cases when it was working with the previous neo-liberal administration to reform the welfare state. And the Daily Mail claim is very reminiscent of Lord Freud’s statement to the Telegraph in 2008 that Incapacity Benefit assessments were conducted by the claimant’s own general practitioner.

  2. ians12 Says:

    Typical of the DM. Just imagine what will happen when Cameron allows Murdoch to completely take over Sky and manipulate the news! The Tory led coalition will have it made won’t they?

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