Tell Maria Miller what you think re DLA

Minister for Disabled People Maria Miller invites you to give your opinion on proposals to bring Disability Living Allowance into the 21st century.

We want to know what people think about our proposals and that’s why we are inviting disabled people and other interested parties to let us know their views. The public consultation is on the DWP website and readers have until February 14 to let us know what they think.


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4 Responses to “Tell Maria Miller what you think re DLA”

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  2. John McArdle Says:

    ‎”The minister for Disabled People at Westminster is Jonathan Shaw, MP. I asked him why his department couldn’t tell us how many people ESA had successfully got back to work.” So Maria Miller has been silently sacked?

  3. Matt Winter Says:

    I fear I may lose my mobility if I lose my DLA which I think will probably be the case I have a terminal cancer in my brain and have been disabled by an operation which involved having part of my brain amputated to try and remove the tumour I have lost most of the use of my left side much like a stroke but I do not fit the criteria you specify for future claims, if I loose the mobility component I will lose my motability car I can not use public transport due to my disabilities which means I would lose any sort of independence I have, I have no confidence in the assessment as recently I went for ESA assessment and was told a return to work can be expected in 18months if you look up my condition on a website you will find the median survival time for someone with my illness is 18months it is all in my experience very flawed luckily I scored enough points on my disability to go into the work related activity group luckily my MP contacted the DWP and I am now in the support group to be perfectly honest with you I currently rent a room as I lost my home (because I could not pay the mortgage) have been waiting since 2008 (yes I am still here) for a council house as the property I live in is unadapted for my needs and has stairs, my wife used to help me daily but now unfortunately because of all the money and other problems my wife suffered from bouts of depression and we have since divorced I now struggle daily as I have no help, I have lost my health, lifespan, career / income, my home and my wife my motability car is the last thing I have that resembles a normalish life but I fear that the criteria will be so strict as has happened in my experience i will end up with it being taken away I can not face another appeal and battle to correct this I worked hard all my life brought my own house and just tried to live a normal life at 35 years of age I awoke one morning with a brain tumour that removed my lifespan, mobility and eventually my home and everything else I will not even be a burden when I come to withdraw my pension as I will be long gone I cant take any more would you still want to be alive if all this happened to you.
    I think the problem is to pass and be eligible you would be too ill to take advantage of a mobility aid the assessments are to tough to pass even if you are genuinely seriously ill or disabled

  4. ians12 Says:

    DLA Help Group refuse to comment on the “consultation” as it is not “fit for purpose” and only gives the option of abolishing DLA and adopting PIP. Until the consultation in its present form is withdrawn and completely revised there can be no constructive discussion on this subject.

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