Early Day Motion on the Disability Living Allowance Consultation

The Broken of Britain   is delighted to announce that an Early Day Motion (EDM) has been tabled in the House of Commons on the DLA reform consultation. EDM 1332 was tabled at our request by Hywel Williams MP (Arfon), who has a record of disability rights activism. The EDM reads as follows:


Williams, Hywel

That this House expresses concern at the presentation of the case for reform of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in the public consultation published on 6 December 2010; believes that the consultation incorrectly confuses correlation with causation between DLA claimants and employment levels or motivation to work; notes that DLA claimants tend to be older, less well-qualified, on benefits for longer and in poorer health than other disabled people; is of the opinion that many of the claims made in support of changing DLA are unsubstantiated in the consultation text or the supporting evidence; does not accept the argument that the identified problems with the present format of DLA are insoluble without the introduction of a costly new benefit; further believes that the presentation of the case for these reforms is highly flawed; and further expresses concern that the language used in the consultation may mislead readers when drawing conclusions from the evidence presented, and may therefore influence their response to the consultation.

Early Day Motion (EDM) is a colloquial term for a notice of motion given by a Member for which no date has been fixed for debate. EDMs exist to allow Members to put on record their opinion on a subject and canvass support for it from fellow Members. In effect, the primary function of an EDM is to form a kind of petition that MPs can sign.

This particular EDM must be signed by as many MPs as possible to get press attention. The Broken of Britain asks that you write to your MP urging them to sign EDM 1332. A brief e-mail should suffice in this case:

Dear Member of Parliament,

Please sign EDM 1332: Disability Living Allowance Consultation, drawing attention to the flaws in the case for DLA reform published by the Department for Work and Pensions on the 6th of December, 2010, and expressing the House’s concern that these flaws may influence the Public Consultation on the matter which closes on the 14th of February, 2011. DLA reform may well lead to real hardship and poverty for many disabled people, and it is important that you oppose any changes that may lead to such outcomes.

Yours sincerely,

If you have not already done so please sign this petition  too from the Broken of Britain.

Join their discussion forum here  


3 Responses to “Early Day Motion on the Disability Living Allowance Consultation”

  1. malka Says:

    It is very important we get as many MP’s to sign this as possible, please contact all MP’s you can…………..We can’t lose DLA…….

  2. Alan Wheatley, Green Party Spokesperson on Social Security and Care Services Says:

    I have just recommended that Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party) sign this motion.

    I am less optimistic about my own MP, as I have not had a reply to e-letter I sent him in October 2010.

    Alan Wheatley
    Green Party Spokesperson on:
    • Social Security
    • Care Services

  3. Alan Wheatley, Green Party Spokesperson on Social Security and Care Services Says:

    Though the list of signatories does not yet include the name of Caroline Lucas, I have had this response from Caroline Lucas’ office:
    ——response starts——-
    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for this and your voice message. Caroline saw this one yesterday and has already added her name.

    Take care,


    Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion
    House of Commons
    London SW1A 0AA

    —–response ends——

    Alan Wheatley
    Green Party Spokesperson on
    • Social Security
    • Care Services

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