A MOTHER who cares for her autistic son furious at care charges


A MOTHER who cares for her autistic son was furious after Derbyshire County Council agreed to charge for the adult care it provides for the first time since 1981.

Wendy Prati said the decision to get people receiving care to help pay for it out of their disability allowances could harm 30-year-old Mark’s quality of life.

She said the payments could mean Mark, who moved into supported housing two years ago, may not be able to pay for power or leisure activities.

But the Tory-led authority says it must get the extra cash to help plug a budget black-hole and that all other councils already do this – with most charging more.

Yesterday’s decision by the authority’s cabinet means that disabled people will pay up to £23.90 a week towards their care, which is equivalent to half of their attendance allowance.

And wealthier people with "available capital above £50,000" will make a contribution of up to £200 a week.

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One Response to “A MOTHER who cares for her autistic son furious at care charges”

  1. Liz Stevenson Says:

    Yes – a few of us were at the Derbyshire County Council Cabinet meeting when the decisions to bring in cuts and charges in Adult Social Care were nodded through. Disgraceful that disabled people and carers have to pay for essential safety net care from their meagre DLA and AA. This is nothing more than a tax on being disabled. My friend Wendy’s son will have to pay up to £23.90 a week for support he has no choice but to receive so that he can keep safe and survive and pay his bills and go shopping and cook meals. Shame on councillors for thinking disabled people should help them to balance their crazy budgets brought about by the Govt giving them absolutely inadequate local government settlements that is obviously not enough to use to look after us. We don’t pay when we have to have care in hospital. We don’t pay to go into a public library and borrow books. We don’t pay each week to have our bin emptied. These things are paid for through general taxation so why do they think it is okay to make disabled people pay for care they have no choice but to receive and would deteriorate without it. A society that charges its disabled and older people for being such a nuisance and being a “cost pressure” for daring to need help and for living longer is shameful. Today we go back to the Council to see the proposals voted on by all 64 County Councillors. By their deeds shall we know them.

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