Tony Baldry receives letter from Maria Miller


Tony Baldry receives reply from Maria Miller in response to his letter on the Government’s proposals to stop paying the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance to residents in care homes

see here


3 Responses to “Tony Baldry receives letter from Maria Miller”

  1. ians12 Says:

    “I hope this reply explains the position”

    ha ha ha

    In other words naff off we are going to do this anyway!

    She is just a puppet, not worth talking to.

  2. malka Says:

    This response clearly shows how out of touch this person is with reality. The consultation process is a sham, and her mind is made up. Only political pressure will have an effect, but this needs to be co-ordinated from all the disabled and caring communities in the UK.

  3. ians12 Says:

    Oh they are in touch with reality alright, they just don’t care how much pain and suffering this causes, in fact some Tories are quite looking forward to it. Remember these are people who hunt foxes…

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