Holiday industry ‘not doing enough for disabled travellers’

Jennie Kermode, who writes for website, said: ‘Although awareness of disability issues has been growing throughout society in general, many disabled people still stick to specialist services when planning their holidays.’

While specialist services offer great holiday options, the problem arises for many disabled travellers when they want to go away with their able-bodied friends and family.

Read more: Disabled travel: Holiday industry ‘not doing enough for disabled travellers’ | Mail Online

One Response to “Holiday industry ‘not doing enough for disabled travellers’”

  1. ians12 Says:

    One thing that would need to change, besides travel company’s “I don’t understand your needs therefore you don’t have any needs” attitudes, is the insurance industry’s attitude to risk in disabled people travelling. For one thing they seldom take into account that a severely disabled person will be extra careful whilst on holiday so as to not have accidents or leave themselves in a compromised state. They NEVER cotton on to the fact that many severely disabled people have Carers to help them and I sure if they did they would not quote such huge premiums (sometimes more than the cost of the holiday).
    Insurance companies prefer to add loads to their premiums based on false information, eg they load premiums if you are classed as “insulin dependent diabetic” even though you can produce statements from HCPs stating to the contrary (this is because of the arbitrary classification of certain diabetic drugs).
    A similar situation ensues for those suffering neurological deficit because of CVA (stroke) even though there is no evidence of further episodes, you are still classed as high risk for aircraft travel.

    On a more positive note I would like to mention the RAC as being one of the more enlightened organisations towards the disabled and carers. I would recommend anyone who is a carer and/or a disabled person switch to their specialist disabled cover as they are very very understanding when it comes to overnight accommodation and replacement transport. Other organisations whilst saying they cater for the disabled and their carers tend to fall short on the service. eg when you tell them you must have a large estate to accommodate all your appliances etc and that you need 2 extra nights accommodation to get over the trauma etc etc. Will your ordinary car insurance be listening when you find yourselves in an accident and you tell them you are disabled? Try asking them before you need this kind of cover.

    Then there are the airlines. They are supposed to carry wheelchairs and things like bath hoists free of charge but you would be surprised how many try to charge excess baggage for them! Some also limit the overall amount you can take with you and charge the rest as air freight at a huge premium.

    Mostly its just down to their attitudes and education.

    Its a huge task, not just for the travel industry but for other services as well.

    With the main driving force being profits as any cost I see little chance of this dream being realised in the next 40 years.

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