Alice in Galaxyland: Blaming the Vulnerable


The person on the Internet could not have known the problems the person I was driving had had. They did not know that they were left untreated for months between cataract operations, giving their eyes a sightedness difference of 20. Yes, I do mean the same measurement used for short versus long sight; most people’s errors, as I understand it, are under one; my eyes are -7 and -8 which means I basically can’t see a thing without my specs. Do try them on if you meet me. People find it quite an experience! How could this person behind a screen possibly know what life was like with such different eyes – the dizziness, the accidents, the frustration, the loss of self-esteem, indeed the loss of one’s own identity? Well, they couldn’t. I didn’t expect them to. But what bothered me was the assumption that disability must be to do with attention-seeking rather than reality. Because I have seen so very much of that when it comes to dealing with vulnerable people.

Alice in Galaxyland: Blaming the Vulnerable

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