Consultation on cuts to social care in Sussex begins


A consultation has begun on plans to stop providing social care to people with "moderate level needs" in West Sussex.

The county council said it wanted to focus on those with "substantial or critical needs".

The Conservative-controlled authority said it had to make £75m of savings because of a reduction in government grants over the next three years.

BBC News – Consultation on cuts to social care in Sussex begins


2 Responses to “Consultation on cuts to social care in Sussex begins”

  1. ians12 Says:

    It all depends what they define as “moderate” and “higher level”

    Its the sharp end of a very big Tory instigated wedge aimed firmly at making the poorest suffer even more.

    It also places Carers firmly in the “Cameron Crosshairs”.

    There will be more and worse to come as the cuts unfold, we have not been told even half of them yet.

  2. Liz Stevenson Says:

    Derbyshire County Council has just finished its “consultation” on reducing the eligibility criteria and introducing charges. I thought councils were supporsed to provide services not destroy them. If they are even thinking they have got to make cuts because they haven’t got enough money to keep providing OUR services, then it is their DUTY to get down to Downing Street and bang on the door and complain on behalf of their residents. I don’t care a flying fig what political flag they fly – both Labour and Tory councils are making these savage cuts – but they should not be just lamely doing the Govt bidding, closing down services, cutting jobs, cutting social care services. They owe their allegiance to US, not to their finance officers or to the govt. Set a proper budget for YOUR residents and the numbers of people you have to help, REFUSE to make any cuts, and then show the Govt the CORRECT budget and say to the Govt. “Now YOU give us the shortfall”. Shame on you for not protecting your residents and their public sevices!

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