Taking our campaign to the streets – Kingston

Carer Watch    became aware of this protest after reading an article in the Surrey Comet  by David Lindsell.

Elderly and disabled campaigners will take to the streets this weekend in their battle against proposals to increase charges for help washing, dressing and preparing meals.

We contacted David as we wanted to support the campaigners in Kingston by raising awareness of their protests. He kindly gave us the links to this website   belonging to Jane Young ( pictured).

email from Jane

Thank you for your support and I have looked at the CarerWatch website before as I saw a link to it from the Benefits and Work website, to which I subscribe. It is so important for us to work together on these issues that affect us all.


Details of the protests :

On Saturday 8 January, from 11am until 1pm, we will be out on the streets of Kingston and New Malden with banners and flyers. We want to raise awareness of our campaign with the general public, get more signatures for our petition and ensure the council can see we mean business.

Our location in Kingston will be outside the Bentall Centre and our location in New Malden will be outside the Co-op (on the High Street, near the junction with Blagdon Road). Send us a message through this site if you can help out at either venue, or if you can’t help out, make sure to visit us on the day

We will update this post with pictures after the event. Further details can be found on this link .

Carer Watch wish Jane and her fellow campaigners much success.


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