Sad history of Incapacity Benefit

Published in today’s Guardian – Steve Griffiths has uncovered hitherto unpublished data on the long, sad history of IB.

The government want people to think it was given to any one. Far from it as these figures show.

3 Responses to “Sad history of Incapacity Benefit”

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  2. ians12 Says:

    The sad fact is there are probably an even greater number denied DLA (which is a lot more money in some cases) over the same period. All in all the billions the government has “saved” on all these claimants is false economy because it is financial help that could have actually helped them improve their condition or at least assisted them to get work, eg Motability vehicles. Doubtless the throngs of Daily Mail readers etc will just say they were all “at it” anyway, nothing will change their opinions.

  3. malka Says:

    Yes, everyone comment on this article and increase pressure on their MP’s ……….the Guardian is a true friend to us all, and we need to keep feeding them stories of our experience……….Also everyone must challenge and appeal every bad decision made against them or someone they care for, we must show the system up for what it is, fraudulant and corrupt designed to push vulnerable people onto lesser benefits and rob them of their care and support………..

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