Announcing One month Before Heartbreak

Carer Watch,  along with many other individuals/groups , are helping to raise awareness of this campaign by Bendygirl
We had also ran our own campaign after the Emergency Budget 2010 .  One of our greatest concerns was that – Middle and Higher rate DLA are both also passport benefits to enable family members to claim Carers Allowance, removing or reducing DLA will not only have an enormous financial impact on disabled people it will also impact on their carers – a double blow which will especially hit hard those families on the poverty line.
We also ran a campaign asking people to contact their MPs.
Please support Bendygirl and this campaign – details below
One Month Before Heartbreak 
is taking place from 14th – 16th January 2011.  This is a blog swarm (or blog carnival) style event somewhat similar to Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD).    A Blog swarm is where people come together to post on their own blogs about the same issue and then share the links on a master list.
Drastic cuts have been announced in the UK to help reduce the monetary deficit.  The proposed cuts appear to disproportionately target the more vulnerable members of society, including disabled people.  When the cuts were first announced the government freely admitted that they hadn’t carried out a full analysis of the likely impact on disabled people.
The cuts include: ……..

One Response to “Announcing One month Before Heartbreak”

  1. malka Says:

    It is vitally important we make our feelings known to anyone or everyone we can think of………if we don’t we know the consequences…
    let’s all get behind this campaign….

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