Carers Uk – response to White Paper on Universal Credit

Carers UK represents the views and interests of the six million people in the UK who care for their frail, disabled or ill family member, friend or partner. Carers give so much to society yet as a consequence of caring; they experience ill health, poverty and discrimination.

Carers UK seeks to end this injustice and will continue to campaign until the true value of carers’ contribution to society is recognised and carers receive the practical, financial and emotional support they need.

Carers UK welcomed the principles of the Government’s reform proposals outlined in the paper 21st Century Welfare, particularly benefit simplification, making work pay and reducing worklessness which have long been key campaign issues for the carers movement.However we expressed deep reservations around what the Government’s consideration of

means-testing, conditionality and cuts elsewhere within the welfare system would mean for carers.

We are opposed to any moves to introduce a means-test for carers’ benefits – a change which would set carers’ rights back to the 1970s.

see in full here :   Carers UK – Universal Credit policy response

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3 Responses to “Carers Uk – response to White Paper on Universal Credit”

  1. malka Says:

    It’s a start, but more need to tell it like it is, for carers when these measures really start hitting home, and the people we care for are put through the trauma of re-assessments, and losing benefits and that it will be the carers who will have to pick up the pieces. CarersUK need to be really forceful now, and let the media know the full reality of these measures, and how if the carers are put under pressure many will crack and what will happpen to people we care for?? and also no mention of young carers…………..more please from carersuk is needed, and of course from others organisations too

  2. ians12 Says:

    What it says to me is that CUK supports the move to UC. A stance that a charity of all organisations should be ashamed of. UC and the reforms that go with it are the thin end of a very nasty and sharp wedge. Do not forget that to achieve the move to UC IDS has pledged over 25% reduction in all benefits to achieve it. It will still be very expensive to implement and of course the IT budget for it is HUGE! Why not just make the present system easier to use for claimants instead of merely making it cheaper for the government?

    These cuts are NOT needed so why agree to them?

    Bad show CUK.

    • malka Says:

      I agree, i think that too many organisations that are supposed to represent the views of the disabled community and carers have fallen short of opposing these measures and have left people to fend for themselves. It seems to me that the current system though not perfect could be left in place with some adjustments made to make it more user friendly. They need to get their acts together soon, as the government are so fond of saying how much they have consulted people like CUK, but no one consults the actual claimaints as far as i can tell……

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