Have your say on the future of Disability Living Allowance

Once again Disability Living Allowance is under threat.

Carer Watch have previously campaigned about similar threats and will do so again. 

Please join us here


6 Responses to “Have your say on the future of Disability Living Allowance”

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  2. ians12 Says:

    If you think “PIP” was a character out of Dickens you would be right in thinking that the “Personal Independence Payment” is indeed about “Great Expectations”.

    Just like Pip in the book its a cruel deception that belies an underlying theme of deception (witness the university fees debacle) within the coalition.

    This “consultation” is yet another sham. They have already agreed partnerships with various charities who have soldout yet again because the main questions in the consultation are about how to implement PIP and do away with DLA forever with the help and active collusion of various charities and private sector “providers”.

    Remember that when DLA first started there were “Life Awards” which assured people they would be provided for and offered some security to some very ill and disabled people with no hope of ever working again.

    PIP is all about pushing people who can’t work into work with “reviews” every 6 months to hassle the sick and weary even more. As if life was not difficult enough for them and their carers.

    This is another vile example of Cameron’s “Big Society” that will mean millions will lose benefit.

    The campaign should be to KEEP DLA and refuse to engage in any false scam of an illusion of a “consultation” about PIP.

  3. malka Says:

    If we let go of DLA then no disabled person will be safe from poverty. If people receiving DLA on Indefinate decisions are not honoured then it will be overturning hard-won decisions for inferior ones or none at all. Yes, again disabled charities are selling out the people they represent to the government, we must get this out to the media in a big way……..

  4. malka Says:

    To everyone,

    Use this link to give your view on the DLA review as soon as possible.


  5. malka Says:

    Read this great article in wednesday’s guardian, we are not alone


  6. ians12 Says:

    Comments on that article now closed but encouraging that many now see through the government’s spin on who the sick and disabled really are. Maybe a lot now sense that they may one day need the very benefits that many have been saying we do not deserve.

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