The Cruellest cut – Mark Shrimpton from RADAR

So here we are, just over six months into the new Coalition Government’s term of office. The emergency budget and the Comprehensive Spending Review are behind us. There was, of course, very little good news for disabled people – some small wins on housing allowance for those that employ a live in carer and an extra slice of local money to be spent on social care. But that was it. The rest was negative – especially plans on work related benefits, reductions in housing benefit, reductions in the value of Disability Living Allowance and so on.

Read in full here

Mencap have a letter to use – details here


2 Responses to “The Cruellest cut – Mark Shrimpton from RADAR”

  1. malka Says:

    Yes, just another example of an organisation like RADAr who have co-operated with the government only to find that they and the people they represent have been kicked in the teeth. Why cannot all these organisations now they have woken up……put together a full page letter in the The Times stating clearly all the dreadful unfair measures hitting directly the most vulnerable and ask for non-co-operation now until the government start listening to the disabled people and their carers….Sorry the government have used you for their own ends……

  2. Diana Harrison Says:

    I would love to see more publicity in the press about what is actually going on re disability cuts. So much nonsense out there about ‘scroungers’ has given the public a false idea about cuts and their effects on individual lives. Its on mass cruelty going on c/o the government.

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