Carer’s allowance and older carers – AGE UK

All photography is by Sam Mellish

Carer Watch have long had serious concerns regarding older carers and how there is so little support for them. 

Therefore we are pleased to see this campaign by Age UK   and fully support it.
Carer Watch believe the situation faced by many elderly carers is in crisis now, and with further cutbacks planned from Coalition government, with changes to welfare reform/ funding of Social Care – we believe this situation will worsen as time unfolds.
It is time for action from government, not more words
 We contacted Age UK and received this
‘This year Age UK’s campaigns team have worked with older carers in various parts of the country. They told us that they found caring for a loved one rewarding but that they also felt exhausted and stressed. Many had poor health themselves. They said they felt undervalued and invisible.

At the beginning of November we launched a campaign called ‘Invisible but Invaluable’ to call for more financial, practical and emotional support for older carers. We have put together a photo exhibition with the help of a professional photographer, which features carers and the people they care for and their stories. It is aimed at making them visible to their MPs who make decisions on the care system; to the authorities who may be contemplating taking away what little support is available; and to members of the public who may be their neighbour or friend and could offer support.

We have produced a report again called ‘Invisible but Invaluable’ which can be downloaded from the webpage. The carers also put together a booklet called ‘From us to you’ which contains top tips to other older carers which is also downloadable from the website or can be ordered there.’

Best Wishes

Senior Campaigns Officer

Links from Age UK website –
Make carers visible again
Photographs by Sam Mellish
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Several testimonies from Carer Watch members and supporters

One Response to “Carer’s allowance and older carers – AGE UK”

  1. malka Says:

    This is a very valuable statement for all carers. The government on one hand appear to want to recognise carers but on the other hand want to take away benefits and support from the people they care for.
    The two go together and the government need to understand that pressure on carers and the people they care for via welfare reform is going to cause extreme hardship and stress for all concerned.

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