Challenged on ‘cheats’, Miller blames media

It’s not the coalition government’s fault that disabled people have been demonised as ‘cheats’ and ‘scroungers’ under moves to reform the welfare state, the Minister for Disabled People has said. Instead she claimed the media was responsible for propagating this view.

Maria Miller made the comments at a joint meeting of all-party parliamentary groups including disability, autism, learning disability, Parkinson’s, and visual impairment and which looked at the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) on disabled people.

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3 Responses to “Challenged on ‘cheats’, Miller blames media”

  1. Alan Wheatley Says:

    It all sounds like the Nuhremberg Defence to me: “They made us do it.”

    Alan Wheatley

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  3. Silver Says:

    I refer to my comment on Carerwatch forum were I Cited Rt Hon George Osbourne M.P.

    George Osborne told MPs: ‘Nor will fraud in the welfare system be tolerated any more. We estimate that £5 billion a year is being lost in this way – £5 billion that others have to work long hours to pay in their taxes.’

    However that figure is not true. I have now been onto the Treasury and it is clear that the real figure for fraud in the benefits system is £1.5 billion a year, or less than one third of the sum which Osborne claimed in his spending statement. It is true that there were benefit overpayments of some £5.2 billion in the last financial year (2009/10) but the majority of these according to HMRC figures were error rather than fraud.

    I rest my case that the Government is colluding in State Sponsored Propaganda.

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