Miller savaged over cuts to disability benefits

taken from Theyworkforyou site

DisabledGo news blog carries this article today. 

Furious politicians and disability campaigners have attacked the minister for disabled people after she tried to justify the latest round of government cuts to disability benefits.

Activists, and MPs and peers from more than 10 disability-related all party parliamentary groups – including those on disability, learning disability and autism – were particularly angry about government plans to remove the mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) from council-funded residents of care homes.

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11 Responses to “Miller savaged over cuts to disability benefits”

  1. malka Says:

    Perhaps people are waking up now to the savage reality of these welfare reforms, and the impact on the disabled and their carers who will be devastated by them. Every able bodied person must stand up for the most vulnerable and show the coalition that people matter more than financial deficits and they are storing up so much more cost both health-wise and care wise if they go ahead with the most unfair cuts this country has ever seen. Email everyone you can think of now……..

  2. Hindle-a Says:

    malka-I am tired of e-mailing and writing to M.Miller,Duncan-Smith-they do not care-the removal of the Mobility component of DLA of people in residential care is spiteful,raises pitiful amounts of money and is completely against the ethos of making disabled people more independent of course it is the opposite-they make excuses for its removal but the fact is Osborne did not want to touch what Cameron had promised pre-election to leave alone -they are bullies- remember Osborne is the man who claims £450 for a taxi ride to Cheshire-they have no shame,they rely on the ignorance of the general public -“why do they need an allowance if it is already provided?”-of couse the reality is different-an awful thing to do -we must try and fight it-I add that this, particular action does not effect me but it so sickens me it has rejuvenated my fight against what this nasty Government is doing

    • malka Says:

      Hindle-a, yes so am i, but we need everyone to contact their own MP on a regular basis so that they can keep in touch with reality, i don’t think many MP’s will enjoy a constant bombardment from their disabled and caring community. After these cuts take full effect, people will realise the impact and their MP’s will be in the front line, they won’t like………Also everyone who is affected by the changes should appeal against every decision that goes against them, and keep appealing, this will totally clog up the system, and show what an sham this whole ESA benefit it. Surely we all realise it’s about cost-cutting, wouldn’t it be more honest to just say to the disable community we can’t afford you and you are all having your benefit’s cut, rather than this pretence of helping you back to work, when there is not work. I admit i have been shocked by the callous disdain shown by the coalition towards people on benefits, but even this section of the community have a vote, and when election time comes round again will use it wisely. In the meantime we must continue the fight and keep pestering those that would rather not be pestered, those that are so removed from normal people’s lives, and wish we would all just disappear…….

    • Paul Says:

      I totally agree: nasty, spiteful bullies who encourage ignorance.

      How did we get here?

  3. Mrs B Says:

    As long as the govt and other interested groups peddle myths and misuse statistics and information about people on benefits and disabled people the wider public will continue to support the cuts to welfare.

  4. Alan Wheatley Says:

    Hindle-a [& other]

    You might like to sign the ‘Osborne pay your taxes’ petition online.

    Meanwhile, in noting the flack that the Disability Minister has picked up about axing the mobility allowance for care home residents, I am reminded of a saying that a friend on Incapcity Benefit said to me when I was on Jobseekers Allowance: “You ought to get out a bit more.” It would be immensely helpful if govt ministers got out a bit more to talk to the people whose services they are thinking of cutting before they cut those services.

    But that kind of proactive measure is about as unlikely as David Cameron gaining enlightenment through having had a disabled son.

    • Paul Says:

      Cameron is well off (made millions in TV) so none of this can affect him.

      There ought to be a law that makes Ministers live with the consequenes of their decisions for a while. In this case I mean have their incomes reduced to the level of someone on ESA. They wouldn’t last more than a week.

    • Paul Says:

      Thank you for the link to: “‘Osborne pay your taxes’ petition online.”.

      This is the sort of thing that can be effective against the use of prejudice as a policy tool – the British public do not like hypocrites.

  5. malka Says:

    Everyone bombard the new Transparency website on 10 dowing street PM site……..Every day we must contact someone about this, keep fighting……

    • Paul Says:

      Yes, we should be transparent with them about the “cuts and rumours of cuts” that are already affecting people.

      Give them lots of feedback (perhaps remembering that too much sound-wave feedback from microphones and guitar amps on stage can create excruciating feedback noise in a PA system!)

      In America they pressure groups used to use fax campaigns (might still do) and occasionally there would be so much faxing that White House communications would grind to a halt.

      I’m sure no-one round here favours spamming, but you can’t close people’s lives down and expect no reaction.

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