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 The program of welfare reform and cuts is proceeding with alarming momentum and the needs of carers  and the  disabled are being lost in the fiscal crisis.  

Carer Watch are asking carers, disabled people and every one who cares about them to send this letter to MPs – and to disability charities and to post this letter in the media and to blogs.

full details here

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4 Responses to “PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR MP”

  1. malka Says:

    send this letter to anyone you think can help……….it’s vitally important we act.

  2. Paul Says:

    I think I know how to solve the “fiscal crisis”:-

    Since the banks are now sitting very pretty (everything they do now being underwritten by the very the taxpayers who themselves are the victims of this crisis brought about by the banks), we should make the them pay for these pointless wars of illegal occupation that are costing this country billions of pounds every month.

    Barclays Banks alone makes profits of several billion pounds a month, so collectively the banks could easily afford the 4 billion odd pounds these dangerous fiasco’s are costing our nation every month.

    Forty-eight billion pounds off the defence budget should be enough to actually increase other budgets.

    Obviously there is nil chance of this happening.

    I believe the architects of this so-called reform are very happy to have an excuse to go after the weak in society.

    For example, the conscienceless cynics that de-licensed Co-Proxamol are now trying to ban OTC medicines that contain opiates (Syndol, Paramol and many others). That sales of these went up after Co-Proxamol was de-licensed is irrelevant to them of course! Politics in our age has an increasingly sociopathic tinge!

    My own MP is a mean-mouthed Social Darwinist who for many years now has been salivating for an opportunity to get at ‘useless eaters’.

    I suggest there’ll be more mileage in only writing to Liberal Democrat MPs since they haven’t been corrupted by absolute power, so their consciences may be intact.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Already written to my MP twice. No reply either time.

  4. Paul Says:

    I posted some pretty depressing, almost fatalistic comments earlier, but I believe a chink of light has started to appear.

    I’ve been wondering just what pressure we can bring to bear, and my immediate thoughts have been “not a lot” because what our opponents really dislike is bad press.

    To be effective we need journalists on our side.

    Think back to the anti-sleaze campaign spearheaded by the Daily Telegraph. If you remember, this attacked members of Parliament (from all parties) over fiddled expense claims. And it had a really big effect – MPs like to see themselves as members of ‘the great and the good’ and to have a newspaper as closely allied to establishment mores as the Daily Telegraph go after them, really struck home.

    Until this morning I doubted journalists would ever write anything positive about these attacks but the latest “Benefits and Work” newsletter shows I was wrong. Here’s a quote:-

    “And, astonishingly, the Telegraph is beginning to turn its nose up at the ugly and deceptive propaganda against the poor being peddled by the coalition.

    Their chief political commentator is angry that Osborne misled the nation about the level of benefit fraud in his spending review speech and is now ignoring calls to correct his ‘error’, in breach of the ministerial code which Cameron endorsed so enthusiastically on becoming prime minister.”

    You can find more on the Telegraph’s website:-

    I think this is significant partly because the Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne was instrumental in starting the ant-sleaze campaign I mentioned. In fact Oborne, who has ties to the UKs intelligence services, fired several shots across the bow of MPs well before the anti-sleaze campaign started. In one Daily Mail article, three years before the start of the anti-sleaze campaign proper, he wrote that if they didn’t mend their ways they would be forced to…

    I strongly suspect there is a growing faction within the British establishment that believes in civilised values. Oborne (along with others such as John Le Carre) is a figurehead who literally telegraph their views and intentions, and they are starting to wake up about this.

    So please don’t be put off writing to your MP if you think it will do some good, but please also consider writing to newspaper editors and journalists.

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