Frances Kelly – Work, disability and real change

We would like to congratulate Compass   on the truly excellent think piece ‘Dark Times for those who Cannot Work.’   We have been campaigning in a climate of ignorance and misinformation about work and disability for so long that this research is like a blast of fresh air. 

We are not alone in welcoming this think piece. The think piece has been warmly welcomed by the Disability Alliance which represents two hundred disability groups including thirty main disability charities  

So is it possible to build on this research and make a real change at last? 

Read in full here


One Response to “Frances Kelly – Work, disability and real change”

  1. Paul Says:

    Worth reading just for the moral boost. I know of a few disabled people who are no so screwed-up with government and media inspired guilt that they themselves are adopting the attitude “if you’re ‘on benefits’, you’re a scounger”.

    I can still hear one friends remark in response to media pressure as he angrily and self-righteously denounced scroungers and welfare seekers: “and I place myself in that category!” You couldn’t make it up.

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