To the disabled people of Great Britain – Bendygirl

Thanks to Bendygirl  ( Benefit scrounging scum ) voices are being raised against some of the  changes regarding Welfare reform proposed by this Coalition government.

You can watch her videos now, plus a response to her call for people to speak up.

Shame on you Prime Minister. I know you know better  

To the disabled people of Great Britain

Response to above video

The Broken of Britain blog

At last disabled people are speaking up and getting a voice.


The Broken of Britain discussion forum



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One Response to “To the disabled people of Great Britain – Bendygirl”

  1. malka Says:

    Yes, it’s shame on david cameron, clegg, ids etal, but especially cameron, whose own son was severely disabled, yet he has no compassion for anyone else. The fact that such an extremely wealthy person like him is proud he claimed DLA for his son, and moaned about how hard the form was to complete, that’s why medicals are so much better he said, especially run by the ATOS corporation………….
    If i had his money in that situation i would be ashamed to claim benefits intended for the poorest people in need, and yes you have to claim it, it doesn’t just plop in your lap……unbeleivable really……..he and his fellow con-dems are the most malicous bunch of greedy grabbers from the poor we have seen since thacther’s day, i fear for the poor and vulnerable in this country, as this is just the start……..

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