Pre-CSR Rumblings – Fighting Monsters

So the day of the statement on the Comprehensive Spending Review has arrived. It seems that this moment has almost been worked up into a frenzy by politicians and our own managers in extremis.

‘We’ll know better what’s happening after the 20th’ has been muttered across corridors throughout the public sector as if all will be revealed. And perhaps it will be.

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3 Responses to “Pre-CSR Rumblings – Fighting Monsters”

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  2. hairybiker Says:

    I think they ARE trying to eradicate the sick,disabled,elderly and their Carers.
    I think I will organise a mass suicide, maybe take over a football stadium. It would make Jonestown look like a bad day at the creche!

    Too bad most would be arrested for “assisting suicide” in this fair and decent land.

    Its OK for the state to kill us all though, seemingly…

  3. Alan Wheatley, Green Party of England & Wales Spokesperson on Disability and Social Care Services Says:

    I believe it is very telling that the tabloids’ pet hate regarding university degree courses is Media Studies.

    My own degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Major: Sociology) [Combined studies built around my personal experience as a mature learner, majoring in Sociology], U. Westminster, 1997 [graduating in my 44th year] has not helped me get waged employment.

    Yet being well-educated has helped me survive an absence of waged employment better as a disabled person. Life is hard work for disabled people and carers, yet good education can help us make things better for ourselves and the world in general.

    Emphasising that these cuts are ideologically driven, students will also be badly hit. A graduate of free tertiary education spoke at the Coalition of Resistance Downing Street rally against the cuts on Wednesday 20 October. He observed that the Cabinet Ministers who had made the cuts decisions had also not paid for their education. He said that a young man had told him of on-graduation student debt expectations of £50K that were putting a lot of people off going into university. (My own 1997 debt was only £4K, but has now risen to over £5K through ‘interesting times’.)

    I recall reading in a book by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish, ‘Liberated Parents, Liberated Children’ what the late educator Dr Haim G Ginott had said of the what parents should aim to do, and what their objective should not be. A parent had suggested that the aim of parents should be to raise children who would be the top of their class and readily adaptable. Ginott asked: “What have we accomplished if we have raised children to be the top of their class, if those children then go on to use their intelligence to manipulate others?” [recalled from memory]. Instead, he advised raising children to be compassionate and use their intelligence interdependently.

    “We’re all in this together.” Discuss [especially when the next smear story comes along. Eg, why does the Daily Mail attack asylum seekers for ‘playing the system’ on account of their Tory council’s decision to move them to a £2m mansion with a huge housing benefit cost attached? Why does not the Daily Mail attack or even mention that that property is owned by a profiteering offshore company that had upped the rent to the maximum that the law at the time would allow? If this smear story is swallowed, hook, banner headline, and editorial comment sinker, where might the ‘manufacturing of consent’ be leading an under-educated public?]

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