Disabled activists lead protest march against ConDems Welfare Cuts

Although Carer Watch were unable to attend this event, we have worked alongside some of the organisers and would like to congratulate them.

Disabled activists were asked to lead the protest march against the Tory’s proposed benefit cuts, which took place in Birmingham on Sunday. Despite pouring rain, Disabled protesters led a large procession of Trades Unionists and Welfare Rights representatives from all parts of the UK past the conference hall where the ConDems were attempting to justify their reasons for ignoring the real culprits of the economic crisis, the bankers, and why they were attacking the more vulnerable members of our society.

see here

Crippen looks at the possible new symbol for the Disabled People’s Movement

Leading the recent protest rally against the proposed Government welfare cuts were a large group of Disabled people. Wearing and carrying large black triangles, they were symbolizing the murder of thousands of Disabled people during the Holocaust; their aim being to embarrass Cameron and his government, who have repeatedly insisted that the most vulnerable will be protected from the impact of the cuts.

Disabled people led the protest on October 3rd against the Tory cuts

The demonstration was backed by three trade unions – the PCS, NUJ and UCU – as well as local trades bodies and other groups, and  organised by the Right to Work Campaign.

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2 Responses to “Disabled activists lead protest march against ConDems Welfare Cuts”

  1. H/t my sister « politically correct and proud of it Says:

    […] https://carerwatch.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/disabled-activists-lead-protest-march-against-condems-wel… […]

  2. Bob Williams-Findlay Says:

    In typical style the TV coverage of the protest was scant with no mention of the presence of disabled people. It would appear that the mass media likes reporting on disabled people via negative stereotyping or through third party opinion, but cannot allow us our own voice. It’s time to break the silence and create the conditions whereby Parliament and the mass media cannot ignore us.

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