Families’ fears over disability benefit reform

Carers UK   has expressed deep concerns that the Government’s proposed reductions to the Disability Living Allowance budget could have a ‘devastating impact’ on family incomes.

In the Emergency Budget in June, the Chancellor set out plans to reduce the budget for Disability Living Allowance by 20%, around £1 billion.  Carer’s Allowance, the main benefit for people who care unpaid for ill or disabled loved-ones, can only be claimed if someone is caring for a friend or relative who is in receipt of the middle or higher rate ‘care component’ of Disability Living Allowance, or Attendance Allowance. The £1 billion reduction is expected to come from existing claimants having their benefit reduced or removed following a new medical test for all existing and new claimants of Disability Living Allowance by 2013/14.

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4 Responses to “Families’ fears over disability benefit reform”

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  2. maddy Says:

    The effect of this DLA re-assessment for all will be devasting on the disabled and on their carers. People who have an indefinate decision for dla should have it honoured and should not be re-assessed. Carers will not be able to cope financially, and will have to abandon the care they give, leading to more disabled in institutional care which will cost millions of pounds. Leave DLA and IB claimants alone, if the government won’t take heed this will be disasterous for so many people who are only just surviving now……….

  3. hairybiker Says:

    Removing 20% of claimants off of DLA will have a “hidden” effect of stopping a further £2bn of “passported” benefits such as Income Support Premiums. I would like to know when the charities, and not just CUK, are going to make a stand about ESA as well as DLA cuts? I see no sign of a concerted effort so far. Just “commitment to have talks”. Lets face it these “new medicals” are the worst kind of kangaroo court or summary justice. They might as well bring back the lynch mob!

  4. hairybiker Says:


    The quoted cuts were first £4bn then £7bn now its £11bn from the DWP budget.


    The government NEVER tells us the truth, particularly when its bad news.

    When these cuts start to bite, and they have not done ANY so far remember, there will be widespread unrest amongst the ones who (at the moment) do not consider themselves benefit recipients, eg Pensioners, working families with children, those who use the NHS, in fact most of the population!

    So look out for them using the sick and disabled as whipping boys, its going to be a rough time!

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