Carers once again ignored

Once again the government has ignored the problems faced by many family carers. In the recent consultation about the Refresh of the Carers Strategy, discussing carer finances was ruled OUT as …

 “The Government recognises that the issue of carers’ benefits is important and will consider this area separately under plans to simplify and modernise the benefit system.” 

Yet now we have a 21st Century Welfare Reform  paper and once again no discussion about carers benefits, no concrete details given as to the Coalition governments intentions regarding Carers Allowance.

Unlike nurses/policeman/firefighters, carers are unable to go on strike, yet the service they provide is just as important. They are a necessity to this country and keep both NHS and Social Services afloat.

How can carers bring pressure on the government to obtain some answers as to their future?

Should carers continue to hope for the government to address these issues when it is the very same government that causes the problems in the first place?

Carers need real action from the government to improve their lives.

They need immediate answers regarding carers benefits, not meaningless consultations.

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4 Responses to “Carers once again ignored”

  1. charles47 Says:

    The benefits reform paper mentions carers only 3 times – mainly as part of the Disability and Carers Service.

    Carers don’t even appear on the radar, do they?

  2. hairybiker Says:

    With nobody speaking up for Carers its hardly surprising that the government can’t “see” us.

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