Dementia: the carer’s tale

While I lived with my mother-in-law I was at her beck and call 24 hours a day. The first inkling that life as a carer might not be as rose-tinted as the cottage in which I was living came when I brought her breakfast in bed on the first morning. Not only did she have no idea who I was, she treated me as if I were a servant

Full story in the Telegraph


3 Responses to “Dementia: the carer’s tale”

  1. carerwatch Says:

  2. carerwatch Says:

  3. Alan Wheatley, Green Party of England & Wales Spokesperson on Disability and Social Care Services Says:

    As my mother has a form of dementia, I believe it important — in terms of clarifying issues — to mention that Alzheimer’s is not the only form. Alzheimer’s does seem to be more debilitating than the form of dementia brought on my mini-strokes or Termporary Aortic Aneurisms [TAAs] that my mum has had for some years now.

    I also believe that others will find the Community Care magazine online ‘CareSpace’ feature ‘Poems written by an Alzheimer’s sufferer’ [sic] of great interest.

    I must now get back to rest-and-recuperation of back problem — which is on the mend — and addressing myself to starting my completion of ESA50 Employment & Support Allowance Questionnaire by 12 October.

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