Disability Now- Clegg’s hidden agenda conned voters

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s commitment to reforming Disability Living Allowance was noticeably left out from the Lib Dem manifesto, says Anne Wollenberg .

There was barely a whisper about disability in the Liberal Democrats’ 2010 election manifesto, other than a pledge to extend Winter Fuel Payments, now unlikely to go ahead.

But in fact, the party had very quietly declared plans to reform Disability Living Allowance (DLA) before the general election.

In a policy document, the Liberal Democrats Policy Briefing on People with Disabilities (available at libdems.org.uk/siteFiles/resources/PDF/Policy%20Briefing%20People%20with%20Disabilities.pdf), they said: “A more detailed assessment should be available to assess the additional costs of disability benefit.”

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One Response to “Disability Now- Clegg’s hidden agenda conned voters”

  1. maddy bernard Says:

    well i’m not too surprised in the light of this coalition, although i did hear that some lib-dems did not want existing claimants to go through a re-assessment, only new ones. When in power all things become clearer, and selling out the most vulnerable is par for the course.

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