Care & Support Alliance Care Review 2010

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The Care & Support Alliance is a group of 35 organisations who have come together to raise the profile of social care and help improve the care system. A list of organisations in the Alliance is on the next page of this survey.


The Alliance is conducting a review of how social care services have changed in the last year. If you are someone who uses care and support services, or if you care for a friend or relative who does, we want to know how the services you/they use have changed and what impact, if any, this has had.
The care and support services we are reviewing include help and support for people to do day-today things, such as living in their own home, working, cooking, shopping and personal care. Services might also include independent living support like equipment to help with mobility, counselling and occupational therapy, home adaptions, day care services, breaks and other support for carers and telecare and telehealth services (technology like personal sensors and alarms in the home).
This survey does not apply to medical treatment or nursing care provided by the NHS or ‘continuing care’ packages.
The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete, and can be filled out by a person with care and support needs, by someone on their behalf, or by carers providing unpaid care to ill or disabled friends or relatives.

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