Carer Watch welcome this article from Baps-Online .

We are hoping that following the election, services and benefits for people with disabilities and their carers will not be cut. There has been talk of 25% cuts to welfare which if true would cause severe hardship and problems for many people. As it is early days yet, and the full plans are not known yet we will hold off making any judgements on the new Coalition Government. We feared a Conservative government would revert to Thatcherite/Major type policies but the coalition seems to be heading in a genuinely different direction. If this proves to be so then perhaps our worst fears will not materialise. If the coalition is a genuine liberal conservative government offering to give back power to the people and offer improvements in personal freedoms and individualised help to disabled people/carers this may be a good thing.

In the next few months we will be watching closely to see if the coalition’s attitude to the disabled/sick is more enlightened and humane than the previous New Labour government which ran a relentless anti-benefit claimant campaign for many years through the media resulting in the pushing through of the draconian Welfare Reform Bill. Of all the disappointments with New Labour, the pursuit of these cruel policies was perhaps the greatest.

If the coalition decides to pursue these cruel schemes and promotes unkind and unfair Welfare policies we will know where the power lies in this partnership. As the Conservatives were very keen on pushing American style welfare policies through with New Labour, we sincerely hope that a new more enlightened and humane approach will be taken by a Liberal Democrat/Conservative coalition.

We hope that David Cameron and Nick Clegg can together pursue fair and liberal policies which will protect the poor/sick/disabled whilst enabling those who wish to help themselves to do so freely.



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  1. carerwatch Says:

    Well said. CarerWatch will be watching with you.

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