What will the future bring for carers and their families

Tomorrow is voting day for GE2010 but what will it bring forth for family carers. Regardless of which Party comes to power,we face some harsh cuts for Social Care.As various new schemes can be recognised for the improvements they will make to some peoples lives, what about those family carers, who at times give up so much of their own lives to ensure those they Love are well cared for.

We have witnessed some amazing scenes during the last few weeks. The Leaders debates created English history, but they ignored some of the more serious issues we face ,especially those surrounding Social Care. Then we had the Health Ministers who continously debated these issues but no consensus could be reached.Their ‘discussions’ at times were a national disgrace.

So what will the future hold for the elderly/young/disabled and their carers? Will the election results fill us with hope….or dread? See you on the other side…of the election………..


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