Silence from 3 Leaders on carers benefits

Carer Watch had submitted a question for last nights’ Leaders debates regarding the political Parties’ intentions regarding Carers Allowance.Unfortunately it was not one of the few questions chosen that were aired.

Question submitted

Having had Welfare Reform papers and now those for Social Care,the most glaringly obvious omission in both, is the lack of direct financial support and funding, for the family carers who are unable to continue in, or take up employment due to the amount of care they are required to provide. Future funding for care cannot and must not be looked at in isolation away from these carers. They provide the strong foundation that all else must build from. Until all parties recognise that as fact, their policies will always be weak and unsustainable

So would all Leaders declare once and for all their intentions regarding Carers Allowance.
Will they give a definite timetable to address the issues therein.
Will the benefit actually continue to exist or is further benefit reform being planned?

Using the recession as an excuse not to take action is not acceptable, as even in the boom years,nothing was done.

Last but not least, would all Leaders refrain from using the phrase “unsung heroes”.Most carers find it offensive.

The silence from all parties is deafening


4 Responses to “Silence from 3 Leaders on carers benefits”

  1. Beebs Says:

    The reason politicians are not revealing what the provisions and policies will be concerning carers is because they have none.

    The recession has not even started to really kick in yet….

    Likewise, there are not saying what happens to those who are chronically ill, and unfit for work.

    The system is in place for making chronic illness “disappear.”

  2. Baps-Online Says:

    Once the election is over and the party leaders have all been hung (lol), the cuts will begin and the main group of people who can be picked on without problem are those on benefits. If the IMF are involved in this process, massive benefit cuts could be on the way. The Carer’s Allowance could be in the firing line as a so-called “unconditional” benefit. Everyone, sick, old, disabled, caring, will be expected to look for work in some way or other as “work” is the all that matters in life. Quality of life does not matter, only the money.

  3. Alan Wheatley, Green Party Spokesperson on Disability and Social Care Says:

    My working alongside CarerWatch was very helpful in devising the content on carers in the Green Party General Election Manifesto 2010. I have also received moral support from CarerWatch while I was an Employment & Support Allowance appellant in 2009. Previously in 2008, I co-wrote the Green Party response to the Welfare Reform Green Paper. Electronic copies of that paper, ‘Writing off workfare: for a Green New Deal, not the flexible New Deal’ went out to every major news media in England & Wales. The void of non-Green Party online sources that come up in response to ‘Writing off workfare’ in an Internet search attest to news media bias regarding the horrors of ‘welfare reform’.

    In 2009, anticipation of the horrors of market-driven welfare reform was no match for my witnessing how negligent an Atos Origin Medical Service [sic] could be in not mentioning my two decades plus of ‘out of paid work’ benefits dependency while denying me entitlement to Employment and Support Allowance. Yet Green Party commitment to repealing the oppressive Welfare Reform Act 2009 was mooted by Green Party leader Caroline Lucas in her speech to Green Party Spring Conference 2010. Just because the BBC does not give the Green Party space to talk about our plans for repealing the Welfare Reform Act 2009 does not mean that the Green Party is not committed to a more humane benefits system. We would also scrap contracts between the DWP and privatisation of welfare companies.

    Green Party members submitted questions on welfare reform to the BBC for its leaders debate on the economy. I know that, and so do CarerWatch. But the BBC is not letting on about all that as they give Green Party very little air time — less even than the ‘workfare not welfare’ BNP.

    I believe we need to campaign against the BBC bias on welfare reform matters that allows the likes of David Cameron to get away with procaliming on huge roadside posters: “Let’s stop benefits to those who refuse to work.” He must know that even people with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, for example, are not being put into the support group of Employment & Support Allowance claimants.

    Thomas Jefferson noted: “Democracy presupposes knowledge.” Reforming the voting system is not enough, I’d say: We also need to reform the news media so as to reduce the dominance of Rupert Murdoch and all those gatekeepers of public knowledge with their excessive salaries. (Incidentally, the Green Party would not only tax the rich far more, but also introduce a High Pay Commission.)

  4. Alan Wheatley, Green Party Spokesperson on Disability and Social Care Says:

    Incidentally, I won my tribunal with support from a tribunals expert with Disability in Camden. He told me this February that of the 20 cases he had taken through tribunal hearing, he had only lost one case. That and his reference to tribunal panels getting wise to interpreting ESA criteria suggest to me that the data DWP and Benefits and Work Publishing Ltd cite regarding tribunal outcomes is deliberately out of date.

    I believe that Benefits and Work Publishing have a vested financial interest in using the DWP data of tribunal outcomes relatively unquestioningly because that helps to emphasise how much appellants need the subscription only guidance that Benefits and Work Publishing provide.

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