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Silence from 3 Leaders on carers benefits

30 April 2010

Carer Watch had submitted a question for last nights’ Leaders debates regarding the political Parties’ intentions regarding Carers Allowance.Unfortunately it was not one of the few questions chosen that were aired.

Question submitted

Having had Welfare Reform papers and now those for Social Care,the most glaringly obvious omission in both, is the lack of direct financial support and funding, for the family carers who are unable to continue in, or take up employment due to the amount of care they are required to provide. Future funding for care cannot and must not be looked at in isolation away from these carers. They provide the strong foundation that all else must build from. Until all parties recognise that as fact, their policies will always be weak and unsustainable

So would all Leaders declare once and for all their intentions regarding Carers Allowance.
Will they give a definite timetable to address the issues therein.
Will the benefit actually continue to exist or is further benefit reform being planned?

Using the recession as an excuse not to take action is not acceptable, as even in the boom years,nothing was done.

Last but not least, would all Leaders refrain from using the phrase “unsung heroes”.Most carers find it offensive.

The silence from all parties is deafening


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